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Facebook Engagement Paid Advertising

Facebook continues to dominate the social media sphere with over 1 billion active users. The social giant has made massive strides in its paid advertising offerings over the last few years, and advertisers can now target extremely specifically based to reach your core target audience. The demographic data Facebook provides is unmatched. Facebook has significantly reduced the reach on organic posts, so paid advertising is vital to have a successful Facebook marketing campaign. Our skilled social media team at Sleight Advertising knows how to analyze the data and provide brand insights to help your business grow.

Share Your Brand Story

Facebook engagement advertising promotes your brand to your customer base. Our Social media team will skillfully build a custom audience tailored to your specific customer demographic in the Atlanta area. Not only by age and region but with many additional demographics, including job type and behaviors. Our team will skillfully analyze the data of your Facebook paid advertising to provide outstanding brand exposure, awareness, and analysis.

Set Specific Goals, and Reach Them

Facebook is constantly evolving its products and offerings to meet the demands of advertising goals for brands. If you’re looking to increase website traffic, drive lead generation, grow your following, or several other options, Facebook likely has a specific ad type that will work toward reaching that exact goal. Whether it’s brand awareness or direct response, the experts at Sleight Advertising have experience in implementing strategic campaigns to reach your business goals.

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