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Search Engine Optimization to Grow Your Business

Search engine optimization, or SEO as it is known, is one of the best ways to help potential customers find your website during their research for products or services. Different from Pay Per Click (PPC), SEO encompasses a range of strategies with a goal to help your site rank at the top of the natural or “organic” search results. These listings are completely free, whereas PPC is a paid form of advertising that can help your site rank even higher in search engine results.

Despite the huge increase in paid search and sponsored links, a large majority of people still prefer to click on relevant, non-sponsored links on the search engine results page (SERP). Sleight Advertising’s SEO specialists will help improve your search rankings and get your business found by interested customers. Read on to find out what sets us apart from other SEO agencies.

Dedicated Account Team

Search engine marketing (SEM) and SEO in particular, is a constantly moving target. To hit the mark consistently, we connect your business with a dedicated team of SEO specialists in Atlanta. Our passionate SEO specialists work hard to keep up with the latest trends and technology so your web presence attracts the right visitors and converts them into customers.

Our monthly optimization service includes a dedicated account manager, account strategist, coordinator, copywriter, SEM specialist, and website support for your business. Once you work with us, you’re not left in the dark. We provide regular phone meetings and check-ins with your account manager ensure you know what’s going on and that we’re working toward your goals. Our SEO packages include progress reports and quarterly meetings.

Online marketing services provided by Sleight Advertising have increased our customers’ sales by as much as 139 percent in the first year! Would you like to increase your sales?


Trackable Phone Number

Accurate tracking is critical to know how your marketing dollars are working, and to make sure they are being effective. Call Tracking, when executed properly, measures the results of your local SEO efforts without costing you search position. Call tracking uses unique phone numbers and monitors all calls that come in to those numbers as the result of our SEO services. This allows our strategists to measure the results of your marketing program and ensure you are maximizing connection with your best potential customers. You will be able to see your ROI and know exactly how SEO is working toward your business goals.

This trackable number will have an Atlanta area code and be used in every aspect of your online presence to ensure consistent and accurate SEO results. Your account manager will regularly review your phone call volume, leads, and recordings with you during your meetings.

Increase Your Market Share


If you aren’t using the Internet to your advantage, we guarantee that at least one of your competitors is, or will be soon. At Turn the Page Oregon, we put your business first:

  • Forget about your competition. We offer an exclusive arrangement to lock them out
  • We build value; our packages are affordable and effective
  • Our results are proven! Just ask our clients
  • We are Google certified and partners in the Google Engage for Agencies program

Fun Fact: 97 percent of Americans search the Internet before shopping in a store


Keyword Implementation

SEO is a living and breathing product, so it’s not a “set it and forget it” kind of deal. Gone are the days when you can simply load a page with keywords to get page ranking. Search engines identify and reward high-quality content that is updated regularly. Targeting the right keywords is an integral part of good SEO strategy, but it takes much more than that. Keywords are not a stand-alone tool or metric. They must work in context with relevant, high-quality content, and must be refreshed.

Our strategists at Sleight Advertising perform strategic keyword research techniques to focus on making each of your products and services visible across the web, in both organic and paid search. Our copywriters then use that information to write relevant, quality content that showcases your products or services. Your customers are looking for you, and we make it easy for them to find you.

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