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Social Media and Modern Advertising

Social media can provide your customers with valuable information about your business, products and practices. Show your customers and clients who you are and what you do. There is undeniable proof that having a social media presence is a business best practice for attracting new customers. Sleight Advertising can help you create a social media presence that appeals to your target demographic so you can take care of your business without worrying.

Online communication between customers and businesses is becoming increasingly important in the digital age. Let your customers get to know your business with an effective social media presence.


Seeing is Believing

Do not just tell your customers what you are all about, show them. The power of video gives your customers an inside look at your Atlanta business. The way people consume content has changed because of social media.

Incorporating video into your social media marketing can increase the number of customers who see your company. People now prefer to watch a quick video to learn about a business rather than read through a bunch of text.

Social media marketing is more effective with video. Major digital platforms like Google and Facebook reward businesses who use video by giving them more exposure.

People demand it, platforms reward it, need we say more?


In-House Video Production Studio

Unlike other agencies who typically outsource video production, we have everything you need in-house. Our experienced team at Sleight Advertising Atlanta works with you through the entire process from video concept to delivery. We are here to help tell the story of your company or non-profit through high-quality video that can be distributed across multiple platforms for effective social media marketing.

Every business has a story to tell. Showcase that story through a seamless video that captures the attention of your audience and gives them an inside look at your business.

Our video production services include:

  • TV Commercials
  • Web/Social Video
  • Animation
  • Aerial Cinematography

As an added bonus, we are proudly FAA Certified UAS Pilots, which allows us to safely and legally capture aerial footage,  a more creative perspective for your videos.

Need some examples? Watch our Demo Video.

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